What kind of Man's Suit Are Suitable for wedding suit hire?

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Friday, 18 September 2009

Weddings, social gatherings, evening parties and dinner meets invariable crop up and attending them becomes inescapable. Instead of investing huge money in buying different types of suits, it is prudent to hire them. Further by hiring suits, you can wear the latest designs and impress guests around.

The common formal suit most widely worn is referred to as a morning suit. Although for long this suit was considered fit only for daytime wear, it now has become acceptable for evening weddings as well. The morning suit gives the wearer in a social gathering a trendy that makes heads turn. Traditionally morning suit comprises of either a black or grey coat with matching grey and black striped trousers and if the weather is pleasant, a pearl grey or light grey waistcoat.

As most of us are aware, tuxedo is the general name often used to refer to all men's evening wear. The suit is of a standard length jacket, single or double breasted with satin lapels. It is an acceptable form of suit for almost all formal occasions including weddings. There are special dinner suits often referred to a 'dinner jacket' and can have either a notched or peak lapel or shawl collar.

To help you to hire different types of wedding suits, the suppliers or hirers will spend time with you and discuss various styles and looking through the various designs available. Once you have decided which outfit and accessories you require, they will make arrangements for you to have a fitting.

Once you are measured for wedding suit hire, the hirers will confirm your order. If you need to change the style of the wedding outfit, it can still be done before the suit is delivered. The delivery time is approximately 10 - 12 days before the function. This generous lead time is to try and make sure everything fits. The fact is some people change size and shape between the first fitting and the time the suits arrive particularly growing children. So if any suit does need replacement, the hirers will arrange for this at no extra cost.

Once you are satisfied with the hired suits you can then take them away and attend the special occasion with a sense of pride. Most suit hirers are well-stocked with suits for all these occasions, and they also have experienced staff capable of advising you on the correct etiquette like when do I wear black tie or white tie?. The suits then need to be returned to the hirers the next working day after the function is over. Should you require the suit for longer duration than the normal hire period you can get a quote for the required period of hire.

Please know that all hired wedding suits are fully insured and thus making you comfortable that if anything is spilt or accidentally get damaged, then you will be fully covered especially with children's suits. Should you require some ready-to-wear suits at short notice then there are hirers who arrange the suit to be sent by next day courier without any extra cost. All hires suits should be returned within a couple of days, as agreed. Extended hire will be allowed at an additional 50% cost of the normal tariff.

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